a set of stainless steel metal lotus flower garden sculpture DZM 1151

custom made all kinds of flower sculpture for garden decoration 1.Products NO.: DZM-1151 2.Material: Stainless steel /#304/#316 3.Thickness:more than 2mm 4.Size:Custom made depends on your prefer 5.Color: custom made depends on your prefer 6.Package: strong wooden cases 7.Service: Free design, creation, door to door delivery 8.advancement: Factory directly 9.Guarantee: more than 30 years 10.MOQ: 1pc
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D&Z sculpture
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Hebei, China
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Tianjin Xin Port

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Lotus flower sculpture

Lotus is also known as lotus, water hibiscus, etc. It is a perennial aquatic herb of the lotus genus. There are many kinds of lotus, divided into two categories: ornamental lotus and edible lotus. Lotus is native to tropical and temperate regions of Asia, and China has recorded cultivation as early as the Zhou Dynasty. The lotus is a treasure all over the body, lotus root and lotus seeds can be eaten, lotus seeds, rhizomes, lotus root joints, lotus leaves, flower and seed germs can be used as medicine. In traditional Chinese culture, the lotus symbolizes a noble character, and the lotus is always praised by the world for its unstained character. The noble character of the lotus, which is “straight in the middle and outside, without vines or branches, out of the mud without staining, and clean without being a demon”, has always been one of the themes of poetry and painting by poets and poets throughout the ages. The lotus was used as a symbol of love in the early days. . Lotus is called lotus, and “harmony” is homophonic. In ancient times, lotus, begonia, and flying swallows constituted a picture of He (lotus) Qinghai feast (yan), which means peace in the world; lotus and fish are cut into drawings and posted, which means successive years. A surplus indicates that the society is prosperous.

Stainless steel lotus waterscape fountain sculptures are generally more common with mirror effects, and can also be made into spray paint effects, generally single-layer and double-layer. Small stainless steel lotus waterscape fountain sculptures are generally made of single-layer stainless steel plates, while large lotus waterscape fountains need to be made of double-layer stainless steel plates, because the size is too large, if they are made of single-layer stainless steel plates, it is easy to deform. Stainless steel lotus waterscape fountain sculptures are generally used in courtyard waterscape landscape fountains, garden landscape fountains, large square landscape fountains, commercial clubs, waterscape fountains and other landscape places. In the design and planning projects of garden landscape squares, the status of garden squares has always existed. Whether it is foreign or domestic, squares are built because of their different meanings. When developed to modern times, squares can be divided into public activity squares, memorial squares, and traffic squares according to different needs. And commercial plazas, although the definitions are different, their most basic functions are the same, for residents to rest and activities. The installation of stainless steel lotus waterscape fountain sculpture in the square can not only beautify the decorative effect, but also adjust the climate of the square and improve the air humidity of the square, so that people feel happy and comfortable when they have leisure, entertainment and fitness in the square.

a set of stainless steel metal lotus flower garden sculpture DZM 1151 (1)

Stainless steel lotus waterscape fountain sculptures are also common in garden landscape waterscape fountains. They have the function of garden landscape viewing, improve the garden landscape environment and use functions. Through the connotation of stainless steel lotus sculptures, they can trigger people’s emotions, interest, association, empathy and other psychology. Reflect and add a strong artistic atmosphere to cultural squares, parks, landscape gardens and communities. Garden sculpture generally refers to the sculptures used in parks and gardens. With the composition of gardens, most of them are located outdoors and have a wide range of themes. Placing such a garden sculpture in the garden is the first choice of garden designers.

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