abstract large blue geometric bear sculpture for garden decoration DZM 1054

big blue geometric bear sculpture ,custom made sculpture for sale
1. Products NO. : DZM-1054
2. Material: Stainless steel /#304
3. Thickness:more than 2mm
4. Size:Custom made depends on your prefer
5. Color: custom made depends on your prefer
6. Package: strong wooden cases
7. Service: Free design, creation, door to door delivery
8. advancement: Factory directly
9. Guarantee: more than 30 years
10. MOQ: 1pc
Brand Name:
D&Z sculpture
Customized Logo
Place of Origin:
Hebei, China
Carton Box
Tianjin Xin Port

Product detail

Bear sculpture

Chang’an is a city that people never get tired of staying in for a long time. Here, the heritage itself is life. Noisy or quiet, avant-garde or simple, every corner of the thousand-year-old ancient city is a landscape.

Now, why not start with art, look for traces, and re-understand it. A well-known name—Zhongda International, in the form of historical and artistic presentation, endows the city with a different temperament. Time and time again, it refreshes the pace and upper limit of this ancient city and the concept of modern urban life. Now, he has once again cooperated with Mr. Huang Feichun, the founder/artist of Yimu Art Design Consultants, to create an artistic sculpture “HELLO!” that sprouted the whole city, adding a new dimension of cultural charm to the ancient city.

abstract large blue geometric bear sculpture for garden decoration DZM 1054

The commercial center is the main public space that is inseparable in our lives. People come to this space for shopping, gathering and leisure with friends, lovers or family members. We hope that through the creation of art, the brand of the commercial center can be differentiated and stand out in the city where it is located, and at the same time, it will bring real fun and good memories.

At the beginning of the creation, we have been thinking about how to make the works relate to commercial brands, have a relationship with architecture, and have a dialogue with people who come and go. After various attempts, I finally chose a young “bear” as the theme. The characteristics of childhood are the most sprouting and more friendly.
In terms of color, we choose the color of light green and blue. The whole posture shape is mainly combined with the main entrance. When the work is paid attention to, the brand is also paid attention to.
The geometric section shape is full of modern technology and complements the architectural shape.
The huge scale and the transformation between the faces in the shape allow the colors to bring rich changes over time with different light.
The bear leaned against the wall with one hand, twisted his body, stuck out his big round head curiously and slightly nervously, and greeted people entering and leaving the mall, as if saying hello “Say Hello!”, only when the audience is at the main entrance. Interacting with it, at this time, the entire sculpture work is completed. Really treat people’s participation as part of the work.
In terms of artistic expression, extremely exaggerated artistic techniques are used, such as omitting the image of the pointed mouth, shortening the length of the hands and feet, making the body more fat and round, exaggerating the dynamic posture of the body, making it appear clumsy The naivety wait….
The concise facial features design makes all eyes focus on it. The designer tries to enhance the cuteness of the work by narrowing its eyeballs and small details such as the slightly upturned mouth line.
The presentation of every good work of public art, in addition to the creativity of the artist, is of course also inseparable from the superb skills; the pursuit of the ultimate strict control of every process; the hard work of all participants.

The designer and the technical team repeatedly studied the production process of each link for countless times, and visited the construction site countless times to strictly control the details, and finally ensure that the work is perfectly presented according to the design.

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