outdoor metal 3D abstract large flower sculpture for garden decoration DZM 1062

custom made large metal flower for decoration 1.Products NO.: DZM-1062 2.Material: Stainless steel /#304 3.Thickness:more than 2mm 4.Size:Custom made depends on your prefer 5.Color: custom made depends on your prefer 6.Package: strong wooden cases 7.Service: Free design, creation, door to door delivery 8.advancement: Factory directly 9.Guarantee: more than 30 years 10.MOQ: 1pc
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Metal sculpture

With the changes of the times and the improvement of living standards, people’s enjoyment of spirit is getting stronger and stronger, and sculpture art is more and more understood and accepted by people. Excellent sculpture works have emerged one after another all over the country (stainless steel sculpture pictures) . People’s aesthetic ability has become the key to understanding sculpture. “Beauty” sculptures are often the easiest to be accepted by people, and “beauty” is the inevitable way and direction of the development of sculpture art.

outdoor metal 3D abstract large flower sculpture for garden decoration DZM 1062


一,The definition of beauty

1. Modern people’s understanding of beauty: a quality of something that makes people feel happy.

2. The beauty mentioned by the ancients:

“Zhuangzi: Qiwu Lun”: Mao Changliji, people call beauty; fish sees deep, bird sees high. “Warring States Policy Qi Ce”: Who am I with Xu Gongmei in the north of the city? “Lu Shi Chunqiu·Shen Xing”: Wang Weijian took his wife to Qin Ermei. There are so many unforgettable beauties in life, and the beauty that inspires people. What exactly is beauty? I don’t think there is a unified answer to this question. Personal aesthetics, understanding of life and life experience are different, so the views on beauty are naturally different. In the eyes of a true artist, everything is beautiful. From ancient times to the present, the “beauty” of sculpture contains and presents a wide range of meanings. The beauty of the external form, the revealing of the inner spiritual level, or a proper reflection of the society at that time, or a visual impact to the viewer. These can be regarded as “beauty” in sculpture.

二. “Beauty” in Sculpture

Since the development of sculpture, people’s ways of understanding sculpture are mostly scenic spots, exhibition halls, urban sculptures, atlases, media, museums, etc. Sculpture plays an important role in beautification and decoration in our life, it is a symbol and a culture. People not only use sculptures to decorate their lives, but also create a beautiful spiritual space for us. Most of the “beautiful” sculptures can make people experience a deeper spiritual and cultural atmosphere while appreciating the sculptures.

Sculpture has developed to modern times, and countless excellent works have emerged. Most sculptors observe the world around them with their inner emotions, and then reveal their inner thoughts through sculpture. Every sculptor has his own grammatical mode of visual expression, adding some new things to try, and he may get surprises or surprises. Sculpture works presented by people with different pursuits are also different. As far as a sculpture itself is concerned, smooth lines, coordinated proportions, scattered spaces, rhythm of shapes, and matching of colors all make the viewers most likely to have a sense of beauty. key.

Sculptures were most often admired by mythological figures at the beginning. They were majestic and robust, with great vigor, vivid and realistic, and gave people infinite power. Most of these amazing sculptures have a solid realistic foundation and extraordinary ideal creation in common, and they have become the representative symbols of each era. The beauty of this sculpture is beyond reproach.

The magical work in nature will also give people a unique sense of beauty. When creating sculptures, you can also draw various forms of factors from the beautiful things in nature, and then slightly process the original beauty in nature to form beautiful sculptures. This kind of sculpture not only retains the natural beauty, but also highlights the overall sense, making the work give the viewer a majestic, simple and natural feeling.

There are also some sculptures, the most controversial ones. The author expresses beauty not only in the external form of sculpture itself, but also in the essence of life in many works. Art comes from life and nature. What sculptors want to express is the most real side of life, and what they show is an attitude towards the society at that time. Rodin is such a sculptor. It does not pursue the external beauty of form, but presents the most real side of life to the viewer. His work “Omière” presents a wrinkled naked old prostitute, Omière, who is looking down at herself. Almost withered body. This is a work that is so ugly and beautiful, it has both moving emotions and will inspire people to think constantly. What Rodin wants to tell everyone is that those things that are considered ugly are often more revealing of their individuality than those that are beautified, and they will leave the viewer with a deep beauty. The so-called ugly sculptures are more thought-provoking and memorable than the intuitively beautiful sculptures. There are also many such ugly sculptures in modern sculptures. This kind of ugliness is not those clumsy sculptures, they are mostly in the form of new language. Composition, these sculptures may express deeper meanings, strong visual impact, large physical space, strong color contrast, ingenious materials, and strong sense of power. These are the factors that establish a communication relationship with the viewer, mobilize viewing The curiosity of the viewers produces different feelings, not just decorations to beautify the environment.

The creation of this form of sculpture sometimes does not achieve universal recognition. For such controversial sculpture works, it is often easy to be called ugly sculpture by viewers, such as Richard Serra’s “Tilted Arc”, Most of the local people just thought that the sculpture was a tall iron wall, which was unsightly and obstructed the passage. In the end, the sculpture was removed at the strong request of the local people. I think this is a very sad thing. Their understanding of beauty comes from their self-consciousness, and they are unwilling to find relationship communication in ugly sculptures. They are accustomed to choosing a form from life that is conducive to satisfying their own aesthetic requirements. People are reluctant to accept this kind of sculpture because they cannot find their own status in the sculpture, and the external beauty of form satisfies their self-judgment and spiritual enjoyment for the viewers, so they do not notice Richard’s this. The emotional changes brought to them by a sculpture, from depression, mystery, terror, loss to the moment when they walk out of the sculpture, are suddenly enlightened. I think this kind of feeling of darkness is the beauty of this sculpture. The “beautiful” sculpture sometimes does not only rely on its own physical space, but the surrounding environment also serves as a foil for it. In urban sculpture, the background, surrounding buildings, and geographic location have a great effect on the sculpture. Sculpture is sometimes not just an independent sculpture, it is complete when the viewer participates in it with rich emotions. A sculpture created with a simple formal language can make the viewer have rich emotional changes. Then this sculpture is a beautiful sculpture, even if it is not recognized by most people, I still think it is a beautiful and successful sculpture.

Emotion is a wonderful creative factor for an artist, and plays an important role in the whole process of sculpture creation. Sculpture can be used as the expression of emotion. No matter from the perspective of the subject’s spiritual psychology or from the content of the artwork, emotion plays an extremely important role in the artwork, and with skilled basic skills, the sculptors can accomplish those auras of the sculptors. Once the creation is made, the things made will be more innovative. Rodin said in the article “The Will”: “The so-called master is such a person who uses his own eyes to see what others have seen, and can find and discover beauty in things that others are familiar with.”

In the city, people enjoy the modern material life while accepting the influence of foreign culture. It can be said that there has never been any period in history that has been fully opened to the outside world as it is today. People are open-minded, speed up the pace of life, like new things, pursue new life, and accept new culture, so culturally they like fast-paced, strong stimulation, high-emotion literary and artistic works. Stainless steel sculpture manufacturers believe that the charm of sculpture art is a silent eternity that develops cyclically in the expansion and limitation of its art ontology language. With the continuous progress of society and the continuous improvement of people’s cultural level, more people will like sculpture and understand sculpture.

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