stainless steel abstract human figure metal sculpture for decoration DZM 1105

abstract figure human sculpture for home decoration 1.Products NO.: DZM-1105 2.Material: Stainless steel /#304/#316 3.Thickness:more than 2mm 4.Size:Custom made depends on your prefer 5.Color: custom made depends on your prefer 6.Package: strong wooden cases 7.Service: Free design, creation, door to door delivery 8.advancement: Factory directly 9.Guarantee: more than 30 years 10.MOQ: 1pc
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D&Z sculpture
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Hebei, China
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Tianjin Xin Port

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Modern figure sculpture


With the emergence of stainless steel sculptures, everyone’s love for stainless steel sculptures has continued to increase. Now many urban sculptures will use stainless steel sculptures. In the process of designing stainless steel sculptures, certain requirements generally need to be met. The first is the theme to be expressed by the stainless steel sculpture. The theme is the theme of the landscape, which is an idea of ​​​​the overall sculpture design. Then there is the environment, which is to let the stainless steel sculptures match the surrounding environment, to integrate reference objects, urban historical features, surrounding buildings, etc., standing in this environment can better show locality, enterprise, and urbanity. A major element of stainless steel sculpture design. Stainless steel figure sculpture is a popular artwork that can best reflect a social and cultural atmosphere. It focuses on conveying the spirit with form and expressing its existence with a concise figure sculpture language. The existence of figure sculpture is a symbol of human spiritual civilization. Stainless steel sculpture has the characteristics of air resistance, steam resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. strong. Its smooth surface treatment and meticulous production process bring people a very strong and shocking visual impact.

stainless steel abstract human figure metal sculpture for decoration DZM 1105

There will be different urban stainless steel figure sculptures in every place, and the styles are also different. Urban stainless steel figure sculptures must have the aesthetic feeling of plastic art. Under the environmental protection of nature, any angle and any time will give people a beautiful enjoyment. , The successful stainless steel figure sculpture is integrated with buildings, street greening and square space to form a beautiful city together. Urban architecture has become an important symbol of the city, and now this stainless steel sculpture is one of the symbols of the city. Stainless steel sculpture is one of the important contents of urban planning. From the perspective of the development of the whole city, it can show the overall connotation of sculpture. Stainless steel sculptures not only appear from some unique features, but through the overall study, the characteristics of the stainless steel sculptures can be highlighted.

When humans were still in the Paleolithic Age, primitive stone carvings and bone carvings appeared. Stainless steel sculpture is a relatively permanent art. Many ancient scours have disappeared. The stainless steel sculpture heritage of the past dynasties has become the history of human images in a certain sense. The traditional concept holds that stainless steel sculpture is a static, visible, and tactile three-dimensional object, and the reality is reflected by the stainless steel sculpture appealing to the visual space image.

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