stainless steel abstract mirror finishing lawn ornaments and garden sculptures DZM 1058

Abstract sculpture for garden,modern metal sculpture for sale 1.Products NO.: DZM-1058 2.Material: Stainless steel /#304 3.Thickness:more than 2mm 4.Size:Custom made depends on your prefer 5.Color: custom made depends on your prefer 6.Package: strong wooden cases 7.Service: Free design, creation, door to door delivery 8.advancement: Factory directly 9.Guarantee: more than 30 years 10.MOQ: 1pc
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Garden sculpture

With the rapid development of modern society and economy, the quantity and quality of urban commercial spaces are also increasing. In order to improve the artistic atmosphere of commercial spaces, many commercial spaces use various large-scale artistic stainless steel sculptures to enhance people’s visual enjoyment. , to stimulate people’s thoughts and inspiration. In the process of designing artistic stainless steel sculptures in commercial spaces, the most important thing is to ensure the public characteristics of artistic sculptures. Through the creation of stainless steel sculptures and the cognition of the surrounding environment, it can enhance the Personal emotional experience, and effective interaction with stainless steel sculptures can improve the fun of artistic creation, and can also make stainless steel sculpture art more distinctive. In the process of commercial art creation, it is necessary to communicate with art sculptures in a commercial atmosphere. The practical application is analyzed, and the atmosphere creation method of large-scale stainless steel sculpture art in modern commercial space is explored.

As a relatively novel concept, space atmosphere is often upgraded with social and economic development, especially in the case of meticulous classification of commercial space, through the division of different types of commercial areas for different purposes, it can create a better overall effect. The product form of the entire commodity has been comprehensively upgraded. In the process of modern commercial space display, the overall quality and level of the commercial space are often strengthened by using the concept of service commerce as the main space, and by dividing the space into The actual construction can promote the overall upgrade of the atmosphere of the space. For example, through the display and construction of various themed sculptures in Disneyland, visitors can truly feel the charm of Disney’s fairy tale park, and can also enhance the environment in the entire park. atmosphere, and promote the rapid development of commercial space. In the process of large-scale stainless steel sculpture art design, attention should also be paid to the interaction with tourists to promote the mutual connection between the two parties, so as to generate mutual actions. The interaction of art sculpture can also be divided into the interaction between people and sculpture and the interaction between sculpture and sculpture. interaction with the environment.

stainless steel abstract mirror finishing lawn ornaments and garden sculptures DZM 1058

一. The embodiment of large-scale stainless steel sculptures in modern commercial exhibitions

1. Coordination

Through the characteristics of coordination, the interactive characteristics of commercial space can also be enhanced. Through in-depth analysis of the concept of unity of contradictions and opposites, the characteristics of coordinated development between large-scale stainless steel sculpture art and commercial space can be guaranteed, and the overall abstract thinking can be guaranteed. The effect can also enhance the artistic level of the entire commercial space design, so that the integrity of the entire commercial space has been significantly improved.

2. Uniqueness

In the process of commercial space construction, the entire commercial space can be divided into different areas through large-scale sculpture art. Therefore, large-scale stainless steel sculpture art plays a role in the division of different commercial functions in the entire commercial space. There will be obvious differences between them, so any opposite things cannot be ignored. Through the analysis of the large-scale stainless steel sculpture art design, it can also be shown that in addition to ensuring the overall coordination in the design of commercial spaces, it is also necessary to fully reflect the characteristics of the large-scale stainless steel sculpture art itself, which can also be used in small spaces. Unique form, so it can also reflect stronger unique characteristics in the whole space atmosphere.

3. Symbolic

The so-called symbolism is to ensure that the large-scale stainless steel sculpture has a certain connotation, and enhance the artistic atmosphere of the entire commercial space through real-time interaction with the commercial space. Concrete thinking is transformed into abstract thinking, which enhances the image thinking of specific products, stimulates people’s deep emotions and thoughts, and expands abstract consciousness. The abstract elements that can be generated in this process are the large-scale stainless steel sculpture art institute. The artistic features that can be brought can enhance the connotation of the entire commodity, both for merchants and products. In addition, in the process of commodity display, through interaction and integration with large-scale stainless steel sculptures, a unique environmental atmosphere can be formed in the entire space design, and it reflects the overall characteristics of space creation.

stainless steel abstract mirror finishing lawn ornaments and garden sculptures DZM 1058

二. The interactive embodiment of large-scale stainless steel sculpture art in modern space design

1. The interaction between stainless steel sculpture and people

The most important manifestation of the interaction between stainless steel sculpture and people is that sculpture can have a certain impact on people’s emotions and behavior. Through the observation of large-scale stainless steel sculptures, people’s interactive experience with stainless steel sculptures can be enhanced. Only when people’s behaviors are involved in stainless steel sculptures Only in the sculpture design can the audience better appreciate the interior space design of the sculpture, and make the sculpture more commercial and artistic value. Generally speaking, people are in the commercial space. In addition to shopping, you can also relax your body and mind. The interaction of large-scale sculptures can satisfy people’s curiosity and enhance the attractiveness of the entire sculpture. Through the use of different sizes, colors and materials, the designer can also make the sculpture more attractive. Sculpture has become more friendly, and it can also enhance the interaction and interest of the entire sculpture. This method can help the idea of ​​artistic sculpture to spread rapidly, reflecting the overall characteristics and image of sculpture art, especially large-scale sculpture art. , which allows people to analyze and apply the characteristics of the sculpture, and enhance the concept of the whole sculpture.

2. The interaction between stainless steel sculpture and the environment

In the process of sculpture design, in addition to considering the interaction with people, the interaction of commercial space should be based on the interaction of light, landscape, plants and water sources. By integrating these flow factors, it can also make The design of the entire sculpture is integrated with the natural landscape commercial space to improve people’s appreciation effect. In addition, in the process of artistic design and pursuit, it is more necessary to ensure the popularization of information, especially in the commercial space, the sculpture design must have certain The utilitarian feature of the sculpture plays a very positive purpose and promotes people’s consumption. In this way, the audience can also better participate in the commercial space and increase their purchasing desire under the guidance of large-scale sculpture art.

三. The expression method of atmosphere creation in commercial space

With the rapid development of my country’s social economy, commercial space has been continuously improved, and the quality of people’s shopping and leisure can also be enhanced through commercial space. However, in the process of traditional business space design, people pay great attention to the use of land resources, rarely It is possible to design large-scale stainless steel sculptures to improve the artistic characteristics of commercial spaces. With the continuous enhancement of people’s aesthetic level, the requirements for commercial landscapes are also increasing. Therefore, in order to promote the perfect combination of commercial landscapes and commercial spaces, this is the only way. It can better reflect the commercial value and humanistic value, and promote the coordination and interaction between people and space.

1. Formal beauty and installation art on display

In commercial space, in order to enhance the uniqueness and integrity of large-scale sculptures, we must pay attention to the display effect of large-scale sculptures. Generally speaking, we must pursue simple forms, such as the aesthetic meaning of lines on stainless steel sculptures, which are very simple. , it is possible to divide the commercial space through a relatively simple shape, and in the process of dividing each space, it can be simpler, and in the process of installation art design, it is not only necessary to improve the relationship between large-scale sculptures and people. Interaction also requires interaction with the surrounding environment. Through the use of different lighting shapes, the overall effect of the space environment can be promoted, so that customers can improve their shopping experience through the interaction of installation art, such as visual touch and hearing. The artistic charm of sculpture enhances the vitality of the entire commercial space.

2. The influence of different display forms on the overall atmosphere

(1) Island type and ring layout

The island-shaped or roundabout-shaped layout is the most mainstream commercial space design type at this stage. Through the island-shaped design, customers can get close access to the areas that the merchants want to display, improve the aggregation of the entire commercial space, and also enhance the overall aesthetics. Emotional atmosphere, usually the reverse or roundabout layout is often on the first floor of indoor shopping malls, because the first floor is the most important core functional area of ​​the entire commercial space, and all the counters are closely related to the shopping space on the first floor. Usually in most commercial shopping spaces, by placing large-scale stainless steel sculpture art works, customers can more intuitively see the specific artistic connotation that the entire commercial space wants to express, and enhance people’s awareness of commercial space. and understanding, improve the entire space environment, and promote people’s feelings about commercial space.

(2) Linear layout

The linear layout is designed along the wall or parallel to the wall. In this way, the entire interior space can be made more open, and it creates a very simple and direct feeling, so that people can find it at the first time. The linear layout of the products you need, including L-shaped layout and U-shaped layout, usually L-shaped layout can make the position of the entire area space empty to help customers better observe display tools, and L-shaped layout can also be convenient for merchants to customers. to capture the shopping behaviors and provide better services, while the U-shaped layout is mainly designed for small spaces. Through the U-shaped range, customers can be more free and flexible. In the process of current space layout design, large-scale sculptures are often placed at the end of the space. This way can also improve the vitality and effect of the entire linear space, and make the entire commercial space layout more reasonable.

3. The atmosphere creation method of commercial space environmental art

(1) Enhance the artistic sense of large-scale artistic stainless steel sculptures through lighting design of stainless steel sculptures. The lighting color has a very important impact on the psychology of consumers. Different light and shadow effects formed by different lighting methods can also cause strong light and dark contrast. Effectively stimulate consumers’ shopping desire. Generally speaking, in the process of placing large-scale art sculptures, consumers can conduct in-depth analysis and understanding of the changes of large-scale sculptures under different lights. Through different light and shadow color changes, the artistic effect of the whole vision can also be improved. For example, the large-scale sculpture mainly focuses on pink girls, then the macaron-colored lighting can make the whole sculpture softer, and it can also enhance the consumption experience of female consumers and promote the enhancement of consumers’ own feelings.

(2) Participation of new media

In the process of the rapid development of modern society, various art forms are also increasing, such as 3D projection art. In this way, the landscaping of the entire indoor space can be fantastically improved, although the current 3D projection technology The application is not perfect, but it cannot deny the specific role of new media technology in the creation of commercial space atmosphere. By using new media technology, it can also promote the development of the entire environment and ensure that the projection effect of the restaurant is comprehensively enhanced. It is also possible to use the visual recognition system to enhance the shopping experience of consumers. In the process of consumers purchasing items, different sculptures will have different psychological effects on people, and will also improve the impression of consumers themselves. The competition in the market is constantly fierce, and various high-end visual recognition systems can also bring consumers a new consumption experience, thereby effectively promoting the comprehensive upgrading of consumers’ own consumption behavior.


This paper makes an in-depth analysis of the practical application of large-scale stainless steel sculpture art in commercial plazas, which can effectively clarify the interactive characteristics of the application of large-scale stainless steel sculpture art in commercial plazas, and can also improve the design effect and design concept of the entire commercial space. Promote the overall design quality of large commercial plazas and improve the overall aesthetics of sculpture art.

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