stainless steel wire chair sculpture for outdoor garden decoration DZM 1052

modern wire chair for park decoration
1. Products NO. : DZM-1052
2. Material: Stainless steel /#304
3. Thickness:more than 2mm
4. Size:Custom made depends on your prefer
5. Color: custom made depends on your prefer
6. Package: strong wooden cases
7. Service: Free design, creation, door to door delivery
8. advancement: Factory directly
9. Guarantee: more than 30 years
10. MOQ: 1pc
Brand Name:
D&Z sculpture
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Place of Origin:
Hebei, China
Carton Box
Tianjin Xin Port

Product detail

Stainless steel wire chair

What are the types of stainless steel supplies?

1. The first type of stainless steel products: plate

There are many types of stainless steel sheets with different properties. It has gradually formed several categories in the process of development. According to the organizational structure, it is divided into four categories: martensitic stainless steel (including precipitation hardening stainless steel), ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel and austenitic plus ferritic duplex stainless steel. According to the main chemical composition in the steel plate or some characteristic elements in the steel plate, it is divided into chromium stainless steel plate, chromium-nickel stainless steel plate, chromium-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel plate, low-carbon stainless steel plate, high-molybdenum stainless steel plate, high-purity stainless steel plate, etc. According to the performance characteristics and uses of steel plates, it is divided into nitric acid-resistant stainless steel plates, sulfuric acid-resistant stainless steel plates, pitting-resistant stainless steel plates, stress corrosion-resistant stainless steel plates, and high-strength stainless steel plates. According to the functional characteristics of the steel plate, it is divided into low temperature stainless steel plate, non-magnetic stainless steel plate, free-cutting stainless steel plate, superplastic stainless steel plate, etc. The commonly used classification method is to classify according to the structural characteristics of the steel plate, the chemical composition characteristics of the steel plate and the combination of the two.

Second, the second largest type of stainless steel products: pipes

Stainless steel pipes are divided into ordinary carbon steel pipes, high-quality carbon structural steel pipes, alloy structural pipes, alloy steel pipes, bearing steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, and bimetallic composite pipes, plated and coated pipes for saving precious metals and meeting special requirements. . There are many kinds of stainless steel pipes, different uses, different technical requirements and different production methods. The outer diameter of the currently produced steel pipe ranges from 0.1 to 4500mm, and the wall thickness ranges from 0.01 to 250mm. In order to distinguish its characteristics, steel pipes are usually classified as follows.

(1) Production methods Stainless steel pipes are divided into two categories according to production methods: seamless pipes and welded pipes. Seamless steel pipes can be divided into hot-rolled pipes, cold-rolled pipes, cold-drawn pipes and extruded pipes. It is the secondary processing of steel pipes; welded pipes are divided into straight seam welded pipes and spiral welded pipes.

(2) Sectional shape Stainless steel pipes can be divided into round pipes and special-shaped pipes according to the cross-sectional shape. Special-shaped tubes include rectangular tubes, diamond-shaped tubes, elliptical tubes, hexagonal tubes, octagonal tubes and various asymmetrical tubes. Special-shaped tubes are widely used in various structural parts, tools and mechanical parts. Compared with the round pipe, the special-shaped pipe generally has a larger moment of inertia and section modulus, and has a larger resistance to bending and torsion, which can greatly reduce the weight of the structure and save steel. Stainless steel pipes can be divided into equal-section pipes and variable-section pipes according to the shape of the longitudinal section. Variable section tubes include tapered tubes, stepped tubes and periodic section tubes.

(3) Shape of pipe end Stainless steel pipe can be divided into light pipe and wire pipe (threaded steel pipe) according to the state of pipe end. The threading pipe can be divided into ordinary threading pipe (pipes for low-pressure transportation of water, gas, etc., which are connected by ordinary cylindrical or conical pipe threads) and special threaded pipes (pipes for petroleum and geological drilling. For important threading pipes, use Special threaded connection), for some special pipes, in order to make up for the influence of the thread on the strength of the pipe end, the pipe end is usually thickened (internal thickening, external thickening or internal and external thickening) before threading.

(4) Use classification According to the use, it can be divided into oil well pipe (casing, oil pipe and drill pipe, etc.), line pipe, boiler pipe, mechanical structure pipe, hydraulic prop pipe, gas cylinder pipe, geological pipe, chemical pipe (high pressure fertilizer pipes, petroleum cracking pipes) and marine pipes, etc.

Third, the third largest type of stainless steel products: profiles

Profiles are the most extensive in the processing field, and there are countless products. The most common ones are listed here: stainless steel tableware, stainless steel door, stainless steel coffee table, stainless steel chair, stainless steel cabinet, stainless steel display stand, stainless steel stair handrail, stainless steel security window, hotel stainless steel screen, stainless steel sculpture in park, stainless steel water tank, stainless steel mesh , stainless steel locks, stainless steel screws, stainless steel reaction kettles, and even stainless steel soaps, etc.


stainless steel wire chair sculpture for outdoor garden decoration DZM 1052

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