Stainless steel life size stand deer high polished to mirror finishing sculpture DZM 976

D&Z sculpture will guarantee to provide the best quality and craftsmanship, pure handmade sculpture, strive for perfection. Quality is our eternal pursuit 1. Products NO. : DZM-976 2. Material: Stainless steel /#304 3. Thickness:more than 2mm 4. Size:Custom made depends on your prefer 5. Color: custom made depends on your prefer 6. Package: strong wooden cases 7. Service: Free design, creation, door to door delivery 8. advancement: Factory directly 9. Guarantee: more than 30 years 10. MOQ: 1pc
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D&Z sculpture
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Hebei, China
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Abstract animal sculpture

Animals are part of our world. With the passage of time, from ancient times to the present, all kinds of animals have completely different psychological feelings in people’s hearts.
The first is the psychological effect of animals themselves. For example, lions, when people think of lions, the first thing that comes to mind is beasts, fierce! Therefore, lion sculptures are rarely used in public places such as parks and gardens, and they are used in a timely manner, which also shows the docile and lovely side of lions. This is the first problem that must be paid attention to in the application of animal sculpture in the environment: the psychological effect of the animal itself.
Then there are some images that people associate with various special effects of animals. Still talking about lions, some friends think of strength, speed, power and so on when they see lions. Therefore, the lion sculpture also contains the charm of power and power. Such lion sculptures are widely used, such as the yamen in ancient times, the mansion in modern society and so on. This is the second question we need to pay attention to: the underlying meaning of animal sculpture.
The other is the special meaning given by factors such as cultural traditions. Or say lion sculpture, in Chinese cultural tradition, lion can seek good luck and avoid evil, it is a door god. Therefore, we need to consider a third factor: the specific meaning of animal sculpture.
To sum up, animal sculpture is not something that can be used casually. We need to deal with it in combination with the environment and various psychological effects of users. For example, in parks where children play, install animal sculptures such as monkeys, horses, sheep, deer, and rabbits; install lion sculptures at the gates of government units; use dragon sculptures in temples, etc…

Stainless steel life size stand deer high polished to mirror finishing sculpture DZM 976

The images of animals are very rich and numerous, such as lions, unicorns, dragon turtles, cows, horses and other images of different animals. Sculptural techniques are realistic and vivid.
Sculpture material
Sculpture materials are used more widely. Bronze, gold, silver, lead, pottery, jade, stone, tooth, bone, wood and other different materials have their own strengths, and there is a trend of comprehensive use; there are also new developments in the manufacturing process of various materials, such as bronze technology. The development of casting, welding and other techniques, the application of the lost wax method, and the popularity of inlaid techniques such as inlaid gold and silver have made the production of works to be ingenious and beautiful, especially in bronze, jade and lacquered wood sculptures.
decorative and practical
Since Chinese animal sculpture originated from arts and crafts, most of the animal sculpture works are highly decorative and practical; focus on the depiction of animal forms, add color to the statues, combine sculpture and painting, and complement each other, so that the works have the same characteristics as paintings. Aesthetic sense and appreciation value; pay attention to expressing the beauty of the image with the condensed language of animal sculpture.

Stainless steel life size stand deer high polished to mirror finishing sculpture DZM 976

Abstraction is often a realm beyond reality, a realm that cannot be expressed in realism, but can be abstracted, because it does not need to consider the specific shape, as long as you like it, it is a good work.


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