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Does stainless steel sculpture need regular maintenance?

  Many customers from different countries have asked me whether stainless steel sculptures can be completely rust-free, and only accept sculptures that do not rust. In fact, this is completely impossible, and no one can make such a guarantee. Whether it is 304 or 316 stainless steel, they will rust under certain conditions. It’s just that they rust at different times.
Nevertheless, regular maintenance will extend their service life.

For stainless steel sculpture, the correct maintenance can prolong the service life. 

Most of stianless steel have mirror surface. for this kind of abstract sculpture is the shiny and bright surface.More modern beauty, suitable for modern garden decoration.

Such as this lotus sculpture,the surface is mirror finishing. This set of sculpture have Lotus leaves, lotus seeds, lotus flowers and fish. It suitable to put under the water,or in the garden.

Regular cleaning, regular cleaning of the surface, the method is as follows: apply a neutral cleaner on the surface of the stainless steel sculpture, and then wipe the sculpture surface with a fleece free towel. If there are large stains, spray with an airbrush and gently wipe with a dry towel.

Maintenance skills 2 Dry environment: Some sculptures need to be placed in a ventilated and airtight environment, while ordinary stainless steel sculptures are placed in a dry environment to protect them;
Maintenance Tips 3 Anti-sweat: Sometimes human sweat can also cause stainless steel sculptures to rust. Therefore, it is recommended to wear gloves when holding them. One is to prevent the stainless steel sculpture from scratching the back of the hand, and the other is to prevent the sculpture from being rusted by sweat;
Maintenance Tips 4: Cleaning between gaps: When cleaning the gap between stainless steel sculptures, it is best to wet them with cotton balls and wipe them along the cracks to prevent omissions. Remember not to wipe them directly with a wet towel;
Maintenance Tips: 5 heavy dirt cleaning: If the dirt on the rusty steel sculpture is too heavy, dry it with a cold air dryer, then clean it with a straw brush, and finally clean it with a soft brush. Do not use metal polishes and any other solvents.
Repair skills 6 Scratch repair: For stainless steel sculpture scratches, as long as they are not very serious, they can be wiped and repaired. In addition, sculpture scratches should be avoided in daily life, because the scratches are serious and difficult to handle.


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