life size animal sculpture stainless steel mirror finish for garden decoration DZM 1077

Flamingo sculpture Flamingos (scientific name: Phoenico [...]
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D&Z sculpture
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Hebei, China
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Flamingo sculpture

Flamingos (scientific name: Phoenicopteridae) are also known as flamingos. 3 genera and 6 species: about 80-160 cm in height and 2.5-3.5 kg in weight. The size of the body is similar to that of a stork; the bill is short and thick, the middle of the upper mouth protrudes downward, and the lower mouth is larger into a groove; the neck is long and curved; Landing; wings of moderate size; tail short; body feathers white and rosy, flight feathers black, and coverts dark red, with contrasting colors, very showy. The flamingo symbolizes freedom, fiery, faithful love.

life size animal sculpture stainless steel mirror finish for garden decoration DZM 1077

It inhabits the waterfront of warm tropical salt lakes, wading in the shallows, and feeds on shrimp, clams, insects, and algae. When foraging for food, dip the head down, turn the mouth upside down, suck the food into the mouth, discharge the excess water and inedible dregs, and then swallow it slowly. Cowardly in nature, they like to live in groups, often in groups of more than 10,000. The nest is built into a high pier with mud, the nest base is in the water, and the height is about 0.5 meters. When the eggs are hatched, the parent bird is lying on the nest, and the long neck is curved back and hidden in the back feathers. 1-2 eggs are laid per litter. The eggshell is thick and blue-green in color. Incubation period is about 1 month. The chicks are raised by their parents at first, and gradually live on their own. Because of its bright plumage, it is kept as an ornamental bird.

Large flamingos are distributed along the Mediterranean coast, reaching northwest India in the east, Africa in the south, and also in the West Indies; small flamingos are distributed in eastern Africa, the Persian Gulf and northwestern India; Caribbean flamingos, Chilean flamingos, Andean flamingos and Peruvian flamingos are restricted to South America.

life size animal sculpture stainless steel mirror finish for garden decoration DZM 1077

Stainless steel sculpture has the characteristics of air resistance, steam resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. Its smooth surface treatment and meticulous production process bring people a very strong and shocking visual impact. With the emergence of stainless steel sculptures, everyone’s love for stainless steel sculptures has continued to increase. Now many urban sculptures will use stainless steel sculptures. In the process of designing stainless steel sculptures, certain requirements generally need to be met.

Landscape sculpture is one of the important contents of urban planning, and the location must be determined from the overall urban planning and detailed planning documents. Urban landscape sculpture should pay attention to discover those themes that can express the characteristics of the city, whether it can become the symbol of the city, or become the characteristic landscape of the city. As a kind of environmental art, urban landscape sculpture has been paid more and more attention by people, and its application field has become wider and wider. Real estate, cemetery construction, etc. have all become markets for stone carvings. It can be seen that the urban landscape sculpture has gradually penetrated into the people and has been accepted by the public, with a broad prospect. Urban Landscape Sculpture Whether it is a garden landscape or a building area, the city logo represents the cultural features of the city. Let all the people stationed in the city be immersed in the thick cultural atmosphere and feel the unique cultural atmosphere of the city. Urban landscape sculpture is a city eye, has a strong significance of the times, and is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of people’s lives.

life size animal sculpture stainless steel mirror finish for garden decoration DZM 1077

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